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ESBackup is a backup software that you can use to sync two folders every time you need it.

First you need to edit the configuration file (XML language) by running the "Configuration Editor" as shown:

free backup

Now, replace the 2 example directories (c:\temp and c:\temp_d) with your directories, the one to sync in "source" and the backup place as "dest"; you can use also network places but be sure to have proper privileges.

freeware backup software

Choose betwenn "FULL" (copies every file, overwriting if already present) or "INCREMENTAL" (the process copies newer files only).

At last, you will see a window like this one :

free backup

and just press "BACKUP !" to start the process. Easy ;)

If instead you see this picture, it means that you have an error in your configuration file: any (or both) directory path is wrong.

free backup

Download ESBackup 1.1 Freeware, IT'S FREE!!

Download link: freeware backup

Current Version: ESBackup 1.1
Operating System: Win XP, Vista, Win 2000
License: Freeware